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Redemption Road Grieving on the Camino is available now in all major book stores. There are two versions, the original Irish Orpen Press edition (2014) and the US Loyola Press edition(2016).

1. You can get the Irish edition of Redemption Road online:




2. You can get the updated US version (extra photos & Ignatian ‘pull out’ points) online:





‘The most inspiring book for me this year was Brendan McManus’s Redemption Road – Grieving on the Camino (Orpen Press, €16.99). It is not only a moving and uplifting narrative about how a priest copes with the suicide of a beloved brother, but an informative and well-annotated guide to the Camino to Santiago. It includes a good map, an excellent Spanish-language glossary, further reading lists and a helpful background about Ignatius Loyola’s spiritual exercises. A mixture of poignant human story and spiritual pilgrimage – a remarkable book.’

– Irish Catholic ‘Books of the Year 2014′, Mary Kenny

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